We are a music production company based in Los Angeles with studios in Glendale CA and Kiev Ukraine. We have composers in all genres who work on demand so we can begin working on your next project immediately or you can search our music library to see if any of our existing content works for your project.

Yevgen Stupka

Multiple Golden Gramophone winning producer of Diana Abenina and Night Snipers , Zemfira and Okean Elzy and Elka. Yevgen is also a composer with many songwriting credits who owns a publishing company with over 900 songs. Yevgen was the former head of MTV Ukraine and now makes his home with his family in Hollywood. Listen to Yevgen’s work

Alex Laptev

Former member of hit acts Aloise and Gorchitza, Laptev is an award winning sound designer, composer of hit singles and currently releasing ambient material under the name Casual Man. Laptev is capable of producing high quality work in every imaginable genre of Electronic music. Listen to Alex’ work

Alexander Lozovoy

Alexander Lozovoy is the head of our Ukrainian studio operations. He is a talented composer who works mostly on film scoring and sound design for video games. Listen to Alexander’s work

Vlada Kupriyanova

Vlada Kupriyanova received her degree in music composition from Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Saint Petersburg. She works mostly with classical music and handles all orchestration and is a frequent collaborator with other staff writers. Listen to Vlada’s work

Gera Taraman

Gera Taraman is a graduate of the Kiev State Music College who began career as a tenor sax player and has morphed into a house music/EDM artist. He is available to remix and write in the jazz and EDM genres and able to work with full orchestras. Listen to Gera’s work

Olga Regina

Olga is a classically trained pianist who specialises in lighthearted children’s music and writes a lot of material that sounds like like what you hear in a scary Tim Burton movie. Listen to Olga’s work

Igor Prigorovsky

Igor Prigorovsky is an accomplished engineer who worked on 5 Golden Gramophone winning albums. He is our in-house engineer and you will hear his work on many of our library pieces.

Sergey Dobrovolsky

Sergey Dobrovolsky has a degree in Astrophysics and is one of the best guitarists in the galaxy. He has also engineered some of the biggest selling records of the last 20 years in the Russian language markets.