Chris Long,


Chris Long got his start in the music business writing reviews for
local fanzines as a teenager in 1989. A year later he began promoting
concerts in the  Hollywood club scene  and was an early advocate of
platinum selling artists  Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the
Machine  and Ice T’s metal outfit Body Count.  As a
journalist/promoter  Long was responsible for helping dozens of other
bands get exposure that helped them get signed including Animal Bag,
Electric Love Hogs ,Failure, and BB Chung King among others.

After heavily promoting stoner rock originators KYUSS ( Josh Homme of
Queens of the Stone Age’s) Long was hired by Chameleon Records (
Dramarama Lucinda Williams John Lee Hooker ) at age 21  to work in the
A&R department, Reporting directly to legendary producer Chuck Plotkin
( Bruce Springsteen Bob Dylan)  he was responsible for the signing of
LA underground industrial legends Ethyl Meatplow ,who had the #2 dance
record in the country the week the label closed.

One of the original members of the A&R team and still a consultant  at Long has also spent five years working the marketing
department of the Los Angeles Times,  three years working for heritage
label Fuel 2000 ( Ian Hunter Jethro Tull Julian Lennon)  as the
assistant to the president and as an A&R and management consultant for
several websites and labels that are no longer around.

Long managed short lived Los Angeles band KU DE TAH  who had the
biggest charing hit in the history of short lived Los Angeles EDM
station MARS FM in the early 1990’s. In the early-mid 2000’s he
managed and did the A&R on the self titled debut from Columbia SC
based Crossfade.  The album had 3 #1 rock radio singles including
debut single COLD , which ended up spending a  then record 65 weeks in
the Top 20 at Active Rock radio. The album  sold over 1.5 million
records.  He also co-managed Portland OR indie rock outfit Jonah with
industry legend Alan Mintz.

Long also was the first person to shop  current mega star Christina
Perri to labels  when he took another band to NY to sign a deal a year
before she was “discovered” and has a lot of other talented friends
you would probably enjoy if you heard them.

In addition to being the new CEO of Endless Divine Long is also a management consultant for several artists and is excited to help you find or create music for your project.